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Commercial Photography - Dove House Hospice Colour Run

The Dove House Hospice Colour Run.  I first experienced something similar to this in India many years ago (some of my lenses still bear the paint scars) so how could I turn down the opportunity to photograph such a crazy event for such a worthy organisation?  Amanda and Becky dispatched me to paint station one, orange and red.  The first lap saw runners pelted with orange paint bombs but by the second lap the lines were blurred and it was a psychedelic free for all - the organisers clearly weren’t keen on taking any paint home.

I was in awe.  These people ran 5k in sunglasses whilst under attack by adults and small children with paint bombs.  I was 50 yards from the action and had paint where paint shouldn’t be.  My shower was an interesting colour and my camera kit has just recovered.

It was worth it.  Enjoy!

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